Guest Information

No smoking is permitted on the premises at any time, thank you. There will be a charge of £250 if there are any signs of smoking.


Your stay: We hope you enjoy your stay at Staar Escapes and find everything you need. We invite you to leave us a review in the Guest Book and on-line. If you do need anything please don’t hesitate to call Louise of Simply the Best on 07368540822. Thank you so much, the Staar Escapes team!


Keys: The keys for the patio doors and garden gate will be on the kitchen counter to the right of the sink. Please ensure that you return them here before you leave and before you return the two door keys to the keysafe outside (code 6521).


Electric Gate Remote Control:  An orange and white remote control for the electric gates will be found together with the keys on the kitchen counter to the right of the sink. Press the orange button nearest the end of the remote control to open the gates remotely from either the outside or the inside. The gates close again automatically after a short while but will remain open if obstructed.


Emergency Keysafe: Located by the back gate (code 6002). Only to be used if you have locked yourself out. These keys MUST be returned immediately to this keysafe once entry has been regained and the other keys retrieved. There will be a callout charge of £50 should someone need to visit to resolve the situation.


WiFi Network: BTB-2JCG8R

WiFi Password: XNemCLm6DF6J3R


Boiler Tap: ***WARNING*** The left hand tap on the kitchen sink is a boiler tap so when the unit is turned on (see separate instructions) the water is dispensed at 98 degrees Centigrade! Please take extreme care to avoid scalding.


Kitchen Worktops: We have discovered that the kitchen worktops could be permanently damaged if hot items are placed directly on them, so we have obtained some worktop protectors. Please would you ensure that any hot items are not placed directly on the worktops? Many thanks!


Steps: Please be careful of the step in the hallway and the small step up into the apartment.


Heating Systems: The thermostat and controls for the main heating system is on the wall just to the right of the Boiler cupboard door. Should the boiler be off, turn the right hand control to the right to turn it on. On the thermostat for manual control just press the up or down arrows to select the temperature and the tick to activate. For programmable operation please see the NeoStat instructions elsewhere in this folder. Additionally there is underfloor heating and there are three wall thermostats, in the hallway, in the master bedroom and in bedroom 3. Again, these can be controlled manually. The left hand button turns the zone on and off. The right hand two small buttons set the temperature and the second from left small button activates that temperature. Full instructions for program operation are elsewhere in this folder. The towel rails operate off the Central Heating but also can be operated electrically if the central heating is off. Please ONLY use the electric for the towel rails if the central heating is off and turn off again as soon as finished with the rail.


Bedding: We hope you enjoy our Dreams Beds with Hypnos mattresses and Dorma bedding. If you need any additional bedding please let us know.


Help during your stay: If you need any assistance during your stay, please contact Louise of Simply the Best on 07368540822.


Minimising Fire Risk: Please ensure the following:-

– No smoking inside the apartment

– Do not overload electrical sockets

– Do not take any flammable substances into the apartment for use or storage.

– Please do not use candles, tea lights or indoor fireworks

– Please check, before leaving the apartment, or going to bed, that all electrical appliances (except those that are designed to be left on) are switched off at the socket.

– Keep any washing and towels etc, away from the cooker, heaters and radiators

– Never remove batteries from the smoke alarms

– Keep matches safe and away from children

– Please ensure that the fire escapes are kept clear and accessible at all times.

– Children under16 years of age should not be left unattended in the apartment at any time

– Please empty the bins regularly. It is our aim to provide a safe environment for our guests.

Fire safety and prevention is a joint responsibility and we thank you for your co-operation in maintaining a safe environment.


Ventilation: Please allow the apartment to be ventilated whenever you can to prevent a build up of condensation.


Damage and Spills: Accidents sometimes happen so please would you inform us of any damage or spills as soon as you can to ensure that it can be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to ensure your continued enjoyment of the apartment and of those guests that follow.

Grounds: You have your own private garden within the fenced off area and lockable garden gate. You may also use the communal garden in front of the property that extends down to the metal fencing. Please keep children supervised and be aware of the risks posed by steps and sloping ground.


Environmental considerations: Please be economical in your usage of products and services wherever possible and turn things off when not in use, particularly the boiler tap under the sink. There is no mains waste drainage therefore it is essential that only natural waste and toilet paper goes down the toilet! Should a blockage be caused with other items then we reserve the right to charge for the cost of sorting it out. Please keep all areas tidy and litter free for everyones enjoyment, thank you.


Patio Doors: Please be gentle opening these as door stops are in place to restrict the opening so that the blinds don’t get damaged, thank you.


Garden Furniture: You are welcome to use the garden furniture. You will find the cushions for the chairs under the closest single bed to the door in bedroom 3 (the twin bedroom opposite the kitchen/lounge/diner). It is an ottoman bed and opens from the side closest to the door. Pull up with the strap half way along the side and push back down afterwards. The Parasol is stored in the Boiler cupboard part way along the hallway. Please put all away again when finished in the same places.


Games and Puzzles: You will find some games and puzzles for your enjoyment in the ottoman in Bedroom 2. Please return them there before you leave and let us know if there are any missing items.


Book Exchange: We have books available that you are welcome to read and if you wish to take them away with you we would just ask that you replace them with an equivalent book, thank you.


Bedside Lamps: These are touch operated lamps as is the coffee table lamp in the lounge area.


Window Keys: You will find these in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet closest to the windows in the respective bedrooms. Please return them there before you leave.


Travel Cot and High Chair: You will find these stored under the ottoman bed closest to the window in twin bedroom 3. It opens from the window side.


Kitchen Bins: There are two bins in the sliding unit at the leftmost end of the kitchen for waste. We suggest you use one for re-cycling items (see labels on the side of the re-cycling bins in the utility room) and the other for non re-cycleables. We would then appreciate it if you would transfer the re-cycleables to the re-cycling bins and the non re-cyclables to the black bin and put out as per below, thank you.


Re-cycling Bins and Food Waste Bin: These can be found in the utility room labelled with what goes in which.


Black Bin: This can be found in the bin store labelled A2. That is the first wooden store to the left of the gates as you look from the main entrance. The code for the locking bolt is 0000.


Bin Collections: Re-cycling and food waste is emptied every Tuesday morning and the black bin is emptied every second Tuesday from 18-4-23. Please ensure bins are placed outside the gates on the left by the wall by 7am, so we suggest they are put out on the Monday evening.


Dishwasher: This can be found built in under the Kitchen worktop to the right of the sink.


Fridge/Freezer: These can be found built in to the unit immediately to the right of the Kitchen worktop, upper and lower respectively.


Electric car charging point: Can be found at the end of Bay 3 in the car park.


Bicycle Store: One bicycle can be stored in any vacant location in any of the 6 bicycle stores. Two near the keysafe and the other 4 next to the alleyway round to the back gate. The locking bolt codes are all 0000.


Vases: Please note that we have found that the vases are for decorative use only or for dried flowers and are not suitable for holding water as they leak!


Utility Cupboard: In here you will also find a washer/drier, clothes airer, ironing board, mop and bucket and a set of steps. The iron is in the rightmost cupboard in the Kitchen.


Boiler Cupboard: As well as containing the parasol for the garden furniture and cover, you will also find an Henry hoover, broom and dustpan and brush.


Hair Drier: This can be found in the top drawer of the chest of drawers in the master bedroom.